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HAI!!! Welcome to Puppy Luv. My site has moved here! Same URL, same web pup, different behind the scenes email and payment things. Hehe. You are more than welcome to browse around my old site, puppy luvd! I still luv, just somewhere else! Here! Now! I'm choosing to leave puppyluvd up as a relic for myself, as well as to serve as a reference for what I want to get done, I suppose. While I worked very hard on that code, and it is still incredibly imperfect, this is me giving u permission to steal my code from that site if you want to! Though, I always encourage you learn on your own.

As the "about the site" mentions there, Puppy Luv is my personal getaway from social media, ESPECIALLY   Twitter/X. I've struggled a lot with comparing myself to other webmasters and being stuck in the mindset that whatever I create needs to be validated and liked by everyone else on the internet, but as I approach my uni graduation, I realize that I don't have time to make everyone happy. So long as I'm happy, that's all that really matters!! And so, Puppy Luv has undergone reconstruction to reflect the things I really like, unapologetically.

I've adjusted the nav from my previous site to make it a little more compact. As much as I wanted to challenge myself to code a million pages,,, it simply would not happen, and I'm content leaving it at that. The pages I've planned for now seem like easy goals for myself to get to, and should life permit, then I'll go back to my grand goal! Also, in the time since my last update on what is now puppyluvd, I've adjusted things in my personal life and I feel so much better now!! So hopefully, that'll give me the motivation to keep going and FINALLY leave social media once and for all sans communication with my friends. (Though, I can be found on discord at jarsofsaturn.) Or, you can EMAIL me! I'm always happy to get email! Please do reach out if you want to 'trade' buttons or for any reason at all fr!

As always, you can expect to find the following on Puppy Luv: anything I enjoy! While nothing on my site will ever be explicitly 18+, I cannot guarentee that what you can find on here (eventually) will be child safe. Proceed with discretion & consider this a warning for any potential heavy topics of discussion.

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